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Gallery 3- Fauvism Art Trail

Matisse and his family spent many summers in Collioure, with 1905 being the most notable. During this time he was joined by Derain, and together they produced 242 paintings, drawings and sculptures in and around the village.

These works displayed such vibrant colours and brushstrokes that the artists were referred to as 'la cage aux Fauves' (wild beasts) and it is from these Collioure works that the new art movement, Fauvism, was formed.

Today visitors to Collioure can discover some of their works by following a trail that winds itself through the village, with replicas at 20 sites where these Fauvist works were first painted or drawn. For maps, information & tours visit Espace Fauve, Quai de l'Amiraute, when in Collioure.

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Matisse- Vue de Collioure L'eglise, 1905 Derain-
Le village et la mer, 1905
Matisse- Barques à Collioure, 1905
Matisse, Collioure Fauvism work Collioure Derain and Matisse 1905, Collioure
Matisse- Porte fenetre à Collioure, 1914 Derain- Le Phare de Collioure, 1905 Matisse- Collioure, 1905
Henri Matisse in Collioure Collioure Art Art in the South of France
Matisse- La moulade, 1905 Derain- Le Faubourg de Collioure, 1905 Matisse- Toits de Collioure, 1905/1906
France art holidays French art Fauves in French Collioure

Fauvisim created in 1905 in Collioure - our holiday cottage and apartment are ideal artist retreats and have been used as such for many years