How to hire a PR agency and the benefits of hiring a public relations agency?

To launch a campaign or new product, increase the share and reach of content, or monitor certain news about a brand, the public relations area is an indispensable element. Whether it is an in-house job or through a third party, having the services of this department is vital to know how certain information about a company behaves between the media and the public, as well as to maximize the presence and branding of a company.

How to choose the right PR agency?

From large companies worldwide to SMEs and local companies, they have seen in public relations an opportunity to make themselves known, reach more potential clients, improve their branding and positioning, be news in various media, among other benefits.

For this reason, it is vital that, before resorting to one of them, certain factors are considered in order to arrive at the choice of the correct partner, such as those suggested below.

Many brands can contract the services of a third party, without first clearly defining what they want to obtain. In this sense, goals and deadlines must be specified from the beginning. Every brand must carry out a preliminary investigation on the agency with which it intends to work, that is, know how long it has been in the market, client portfolio, reputation, results, if it has awards or certifications, opinions, among others, in order to know as much as possible about it and define whether or not to associate.

Proposals and strategies: This refers to the knowledge that the agency has of the brand in question, as well as its industry, which will allow it to offer a broad diagnosis of its current state in the industry, which it requires in terms of PR and offer concrete solutions, as well as their ability to respond to any eventuality.

Know your client portfolio: knowing which brands you work with will help you to know the response capacity you have, as well as the proposals they can offer and the results they can provide.

Establish criteria: this goes hand in hand with the objectives since in this section the brand will set what it seeks to achieve with a certain public relations agency.

Define budget: as with other agencies and services, it is important to know from the beginning what capital is available in order to know what type of service is adapted to the budget and to make decisions.

Measurement of results: before hiring their services, ask the people indicated in the agency what techniques they will use to measure results, how often reports will be delivered, whether they will be quantitative, qualitative or both, as well as comparative evaluations with competing brands, to name a few.


Hire a team of professionals

A team of professionals will work for you. You are hiring people who are dedicated exclusively to that in their day to day. People with experience in the sector. Within an agency, there will be people specialized in different fields. This will make the end goal much easier to achieve through consensus among all specialists.

Custom cost

It is not necessary to contract a general service in a communication agency. You can contract different selected services. Depending on what the company needs, you will need more or less investment.

Agency contacts

A communication agency has contacts in each sector. With someone who knows who to approach to promote your product, everything will be much easier.

Create a social media strategy 

Nowadays it is essential to manage well the social networks of a company (link to the guide). You have to be active, and you have to follow a strategy for each social network. The planning and monitoring in this aspect are fundamental. The marketing strategy and planning can help you give a boost in this area. Perhaps by implementing various strategies: looking for potential clients, an audience interested in our news, contacting influencers, etc.

Press office

The agency will be responsible for the dissemination of company news in all types of press. Thanks to the agency’s own contacts, the process will be easier. Within this field, we will have press releases, interviews or reports.

Content marketing strategies 

It is a fundamental part of the growth of a company. Everyone wants to sell, so if we only broadcast purely commercial content, our message will be less interesting, and we will be less attractive. We must humanize our brand. You have to publish topics that interest you. This will make your search engine optimization, SEO, improve. Good positioning will improve the visibility of the company. To help us to this end, we can count on a great writing team and creativity in one agency.

You can delegate to the organization of events

Experts in organizing all kinds of events: business lunches, product presentations, conferences, etc. Explaining our objectives, and defining a budget, the agency can take care of everything: place, format, guests…

Measurement of Statistics and Results

They are not only responsible for carrying out all the elaboration of the communication. In addition, the study if this strategy is working and what the results are being, analyzing the available statistics. This is important because if something does not work, it is important to react in time and change course.

They will give you objectivity

The agency will be able to appreciate things that the company, focused on its day to day, does not realize. This can lead to improvements in different aspects of the business.

Create Your Personal Brand with Your Own Value and Content

Thanks to the communication management of your company, you create a personal brand. The brand would be what others think of you, what is your image. Good communication implies a good image, which translates into growth for the company.

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